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Ground-breaking Interview with Fikelephi Jackson

6 years ago | 4914 Views

In one of the most scintillating interviews ever carried out by uMthwakazi under the banner of its 2013 newly launched Ingwe Series programme and in conjunction with uPKS media under the stewardship of Ray Golide Tshuma, Thembani Mthembo Dube and Thulani Woyane Nkala  herewith present an interview with the author of an, “ inspirational true story of surviving and thriving in the face of  insurmountable adversity”, Fikelephi Jackson.

Fikelephi Jackson in her book entitled, "Against All Odds I Survived!” gives an incredible rendition of her plight and true life story that she had been born into without being prepared for. Her book echoes the words of one Lewis Mumford who once said, “Life is the only art that we are required to practice without preparation and without being allowed the preliminary trials, the failures and botches that are essential for training”. Fikelephi’s narrative is exactly what Lewis Mumford articulates in this brainy quotation above.

The gripping story of Fikelephi Jackson is told in five major trials and tribulations of life in Southern Africa. She eventually decides to flee her homeland destined for a European country to seek refuge and peace but she faces even greater challenges over there. Even though this incredible woman has everything thrown her way and when she was about to sink due to the burdens of life, she kept bobbing up in the sea waters of life. When one reads her story one is reminded of one Andrew Norton who once said, “As for Courage and Will...we cannot measure how much of each lies within us, we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which may lie ahead”

Thembani Dube and Thulani Nkala sat down with Fikelephi Jackson to explore her trials and tribulations contained in her book in this interview. Please click the link below to watch this interesting lady tell her life story.

uMthwakaziReview Interviews Fikelephi Jackson author of Against All Odds

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Anonymous user 6 years
If we could have ten more people of Fikelephi`s calibre, I can tell you UMthwakazi State would be among the top nations in the world. We need writers, story tellers especially the ones who lost their closest loved during the war and the Gukurahundi era, like myself, we will have the foundation to build our nation with pride.
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