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Prof.Jonathan Moyo is a 'thoroughly stupid' Ndebele

8 years ago | 31698 Views

In his usual megaphone humorous blasts and broadsides that he regularly directs at the Republic of Botswana, loose and fork tongued Professor Jonathan Moyo has done it again this past week, calling the Republic of Botswana ‘thoroughly stupid’ for demanding an audit of the recent Zimbabwean elections that have been broadly described as ‘illegitimate’ and rigged by internal opposition political payers in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and the Zimbabwe Election Support Network. America and Europe have since declared the elections not free and fair due to glaring irregularities of the conduct of the elections. Australia has gone further and demanded a rerun of the Zimbabwean elections in order to reverse the irregularities that are cited by the internal opposition parties to Zanu PF as well as cited by Professor Jonathan Moyo himself.


Of interest is Professor Jonathan Moyo’s double political speak regarding Botswana’s take on these elections and their demand that an audit of these elections be done in Zimbabwe. Moyo has no regard for Botswana and has many a times directed his diatribe  with much pomp and arrogance at that country, a disease that is symptomatic of a lot of Zimbabweans who regard Botswana and South Africa as no match for Zimbabwe while the reverse is true. As I mentioned in my last article last week, this is the same Professor Jonathan Moyo who once dubbed Botswana a useless country that had many goats than people in it. This week we saw him seeking to divert his own request for an audit of elections in his constituency by attacking Botswana as a ‘thoroughly stupid’ country.


It is indeed interesting that what Professor Jonathan Moyo is castigating Botswana for, which is the demand of an audit of Zimbabwean elections, is what Moyo is demanding in his own Tsholotsho constituency. Professor Jonathan Moyo lost his Tsholotsho constituency to MDC-T’s Rosemary Siphepha Nkomo. After losing the constituency Professor Jonathan Moyo immediately petitioned the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for an audit and recount of the vote as he cited a plethora of irregularities of that vote in his constituency. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ordered an audit and recount of the vote and Siphepha challenged this audit and recount in Court and the Court has thrown out the challenge citing that it was ‘unlawful’.


Now if Professor Jonathan Moyo thinks that the Republic of Botswana is ‘thoroughly stupid’ for demanding an audit and recount of the Zimbabwean election vote,  what then becomes of him who is requesting the same in his own constituency citing a plethora of irregularities in the conduct of that vote in Tsholotsho? Professor Jonathan Moyo is castigating Botswana for the very thing that he is demanding in his constituency. He speaks, as usual, with a loose and forked tongue on this issue to please Zanu PF while at the same time challenging the legitimacy of the outcome of the elections. If the processes of these elections are irregular and illegitimate in his constituency, they surely must be irregular and illegitimate across the whole country. It therefore means that Zanu PF’s win and the legitimacy of the government it is going to form has been called into question by none other than Professor Jonathan Moyo, the politburo member of Zanu PF. Therefore there is no doubt that Professor Jonathan Moyo is singing from the same hymn book as the opposition political parties in Zimbabwe, the Republic of Botswana and indeed, by extension with the Americans and Europe on the unfair conduct of these elections.


Let us face it. In this regard Professor Jonathan Moyo is a ‘thoroughly stupid’ Ndebele who went into bed with Zanu PF and has been used and abused and now it seems certain he will be discarded for sure. He is as ‘thoroughly stupid’ a Ndebele like Enos NKala, another renegade Ndebele. But not only is Moyo a ‘thoroughly stupid’ Ndebele, he is a ‘thoroughly stupid’ Professor of Political Science whose fate in the belly of Zanu PF will soon prove to be catastrophic. It is only proper that he has been rejected in Tsholotsho via the very irregularities that he and his comrades created. He has no reason to cry foul. He might equally be a casualty of the internal divisions in Zanu PF as well as a strategy to hoodwink all and sundry that if a top Zanu PF chap like Moyo lost, then it must really mean that elections were free and fair. Only fools can fall for that.

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Anonymous user 8 years
this is so true,hey.millios of zim people are suffering because of jonathan had he not come through for zanupf in the years2000, 2002and 2008 zanu would be dead by now and zim would be a free country.
Anonymous user 8 years
I failed to see the link between Jonathan's misjudgement and his ethnic extraction. While one would admit that loss of integrity affects the people that you are associated with, the title of the article is unfortunate. What we must acknowledge is that Jonathan has been ZANU to the core. That is his political home and he can only do what enhances that survival of the regime. If he did otherwise I would be amazing. What the regime does to its children - the revolution eating its own children - is not a new phenomenon.
Anonymous user 8 years
I will not join the abusive writer but just to educate him/her a bit. Prof Moyo is cevered by our Constitution to do what he has done or might decide to do in future thats democracy. Botswana can only come under the reginal, continental or UN groupning, anything short of that is interference and the danger is the careless talk by some individuals attacking a neighbouring country out of the mentioned groupings invite problems. Think about it and in future dont bring the Ndebeles in your personal narrow thinking
Anonymous user 8 years
Nkala was different from Moyo. Nkala is the father of Zim politics and the Shonas actually followed him.
Anonymous user 8 years
comfusion of african society!!!
Anonymous user 8 years
If he was Shona was the heading of your story going to point in that direction, however, we both know that Jonathan is a victim of Zanu just like many others. Blame it on Zanu because they put words in his mouth.
Anonymous user 8 years
why the addition of ndebele after calling him stupid. he could very well be karanga, zezuru, tonga shangaan and still be very silly in his actions. tribal slur gets us nowhere save for backwards.
Anonymous user 7 years
This a fair and free description of a man who submits and sacrifize his ethnicity for love of money and office
Anonymous user 7 years
Jonathan Moyo is not a ndebele you idiots. Go back toyour African dictionaries, if ndebele he would have been a Jonathan Nhliziyo right. Moyo is a shona word meaning heart and Nhliziyo is a ndebele word meaning heart. Now, do not confuse the public because of poor research methods. Jonathan Moyo is a shona and son of a bitch who grew up at his mothers place (Kwasekuru) (Komalume) who happen to be ndebele. His mother got pregnanted by this shona traveller who did not care about children.
Anonymous user 7 years
hahaha....tribalists,you people are a big joke.Your a minority and getting fewer and fewer by each generation due to dilution of your ethnicity by Shona,Zulu ,Tswana,Sotho,etc tribes. This talk of a pure Ndebele nation will never happen,either you Ndebele find a way to work with the other fellow tribes in Zimbabwe you describe as "Shona" or you migrate to S.A.ZAPU and MDC N showed that the Ndebele themselves are disorganised so you can kiss goodbye any aspiraions of political power in Zimbabwe as long as ZanuPF and MDC T are still around.If you decide a military coup,then..haha,just look at what the Gvt did to you during Gukurahundi and more recently Paul Siwela.The gvt has a hawk's eye on Matebeleland and their probbably more intelligence students(CIO's) in your tertiary institutions than actual students. Just stop this Tribalist raucus and move on with the rest of Zim.
Anonymous user 7 years
uri duzvi hapana zvawambo nyora apa kamboro!!
Anonymous user 7 years
come back to us and tell us his contribution now
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